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Can I leave the robot on the charging dock if I'm not using it for some time?
Yes. After the robot is fully charged, it will enter trickle charging to compensate self-discharge in the battery and avoid overcharge. Do not allow children to charge the robot. Turn off the power switch if it will not be used for a long time.
Do I need to maintain the robot?
Yes,supposed to maintain it after each use for a prolonged lifespan.
Will the robot keep cleaning until the scheduled cycle finishes?
Yes,it will keep cleaning at scheduled time until the battery power is low or the cleaning cycle has been done.
Why can't the robot go back to the charging dock for recharge?
1.Make sure there is about 1 meter of unblocked space on both sides and about 2 meters in front of the charging dock.Suggested to put it on an open area.
2.Check if the indicator on charging dock is on.If not,check if the adapter cord plugged into the charging dock has been loosened,pull out and reinsert it.
3.Check if charging pins on the charging dock can rebound smoothly,robot cannot recharge properly if the pins are rusty or damaged.
4.Remove the nose wheel to clean,ensure there is no any foreign matters blocking on it.
Why doesn’t the robot work at the scheduled cleaning time?
1. The power switch on the robot is turned off.
2. The battery is low.
3. The schedule was not saved in the robot properly. Read the user manual for instructions on how to schedule or visit our How-To Video Tutorials.
4. After a schedule is set, keep the power switch on the robot on. The preset schedule will be canceled if the power switch is turned off or the robot’s battery runs completely out.
Why does the robot make more noise and clean less efficiently than before?
The robot needs to be maintained regularly. Follow these steps to remove debris from the robot:
1. Turn off the power switch. Remove and empty the dustbin.
2. Clean the primary and high-performance filters.
3. Clean the suction passage if it is stuck.
4. Remove and clean the side brushes.
Why doesn’t the robot clean around the charging dock?
This is a default configuration to prevent the robot from running into the charging dock or wires which may disturb its recharge cycle.
Can I charge the robot with the water tank in it?
Water tank must be removed before charging. This may cause damages to the robot and the charging base.
The robot isn't mopping the floor properly.
The mop cloth holder may be installed improperly. Press in the middle of the holder and you should hear a click and the holder should be level.